Custom outrigger flagpole installed for a school in Queens NY Flagpole was fabricated by us @ a 60 degree angle .Pole also has two kicker support bars that go back to the wall for additional support.
Custom top and bottom banner pole set up with a vinyl banner.Our banner poles are fabricated in house. We have added a kicker on top and bottom pole for additional support .
Custom vinyl banner printed and installed using a pole pocket system which allows us to tension the banners tight as a drum. Also when the banner has to be replaced we can re use all the anchors instead of making new holes into the wall each time the banner needs to be changed out.
Another custom outrigger flagpole fabricated and installed for NYPD. This was a tampering pole with two kickers and was at a 90 degree angle which is horizontal..
Another 90 degree outrigger flagpole
Wall mounted flagpole.

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