Manhattan Flag and Banner
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Manhattan flagpole and banner is a full service flagpole company.

Also supplies flags and makes custom flags as well.Our skilled flag fabricators can make your design into reality.

Some of our work have appeared in some top universities, real estate agencies, boutiques and various other events around the Manhattan area.

We supply , install , repair , paint and climb all types of poles. We also fabricate custom banners and flags and custom wall mounted banner pole systems as well.

Our bucket trucks allow us to safely and efficiently  install and repair flagpoles, but we also climb poles that can not be accessed by truck. Emergency service is always available!

  • Flagpole Re-rope  : Steel Cable & Fiber Halyard
  • In ground and outrigger pole installation
  • FlagPole Removal
  • Flagpole Relocation
  • Flagpole Painting
  • NYC Banner Installation
  • Banner Pole Pulley System Installation
  • Foundation Repair / Replacement
  • Pulley Replacement, Ball Replacement, Truck Replacement
  • Scheduled flag replacement
  • Grand Opening Packages Available
  • Flag pole safety inspection
  • Flag pole Lighting Installation
  • Banner Pole Fabrication
  • Banner Pole Installation
  • Flag pole painting
  • Custom Banner Mounting Solutions (Ask for more information)
  • Building Pressure Washing
  • Bunting Installation
  • Pennant Installation
  • Streamer Installation
  • Sign installation & Repair
  • Grand Opening Packages Available
  • Tig , Mig & Stick Welding ( Steel & Aluminum Welding )
  • Wood Flagpole Restoration (chipping , cracking ,splinters etc)
  • Refinishing  wood flagpole back to a nice smooth surface and then prime and paint the pole to bring it back to its original condition if not better.
  • Parking Lot Lighting Installation / Repair / Service
  • Lighting Installation
We Sell Flags of Different Sizes

Our team will handle the whole process from design , printing , installation and maintenance.

Project done on time

Our equipment and our installers experience allows us to work safely and efficiently .


Our team of professionals will help you turn your design into a fast reality.


Full service flagpole company. Sales , Installation , Maintenance , Repairs , Painting & Climbing.Custom Flags and banners printed and installed. Also a large selection of state and country flags.

Always available

We’re there for you anytime you need us. Contact us for a consultation, estimate or any question you might have about your next flagpole project.

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